Lily Allen to Stop the Music

imageOh, Lily, it’s just not fair! Blame it on Spandau Ballet’s reunion or pop groups that can’t perform live, but Lily Allen is finally backing up some rumors we’ve heard recently. She may very well be bidding farewell to music.

This after deftly avoiding any sophomore slump with It’s Not Me, It’s You — a titular maxim that she could very well issue in lieu of a proper address to her fans and iTunes moppets alike. Instead, she’s eyeing a business, the details of which remain more well-guarded than the Kremlin. “After this album and tour I have a brand new business I am setting up, but I can’t say what it is yet,” Allen says. This comes as excellent news to Perez Hilton who, by way of schoolgirlishly giddy hypertext markup, implores Allen to “do it.” Because, y’know, they had a nasty war of words, the type which all your ex-besties in junior high used to have with you over AIM. But hey, Lily Allen, not unlike another brilliant musician before her, may be drawn out of retirement by finding an unexpected muse in Hilton’s ass-hattery.

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