Lily Allen So Not Into Vladimir Putin

imageHere are some Lily Allen fun facts! Did you know she can play the glockenspiel? Or that these days, she cringes when she re-listens to her debut? And in turn, she may soon depart from pop music? And of all the people in the entire universe, do you know who she doesn’t care for lately? If you guessed Perez Hilton or George W. Bush, you’re wrong. If you guessed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, congratulations! You’re correct. You may skip to the front of the bread line and collect your Asiago demi post-haste.

As it turns out, Putin needed Allen to cancel a gig close to where he was watching some hobos slap each other for a jar of bouillon cubes or something, but I’ll let Allen convey the details: “I went to Saint Petersburg to play a gig a couple of years ago and it got canceled because a few hundred meters up the river Putin was watching a bare-knuckle fist fight.” The hitch? “Last minute, he decided to go and watch a bare-knuckle fist fight and therefore my concert got canceled because of security issues. So whatever, Putin — I’m not into you.” Shame. The pair would have so much to commiserate over helpings of apple babka, namely scenes from Bush’s creative adaptation of Night On Bald Mountain.

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