Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj Spit (Hot Fire) on DJ Khaled(‘s New Song)

DJ Khaled has the most stacked Rolodex this side of Lorne Michaels, which has allowed him to organize a steady string of All-Star collaborations between today’s hottest artists while hanging out in the background, calmly sipping a Four Loko. On his new song, "Take It to the Head," he collects Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne to rap what most rappers rap about on his tracks: how incredibly awesome they all, all of the time. But what else is there to talk about after working all winter, as Khaled says in the beginning? Listen to it after the click, via Spin.

"All my bitches is stylin’ / Beaches and eatin’ Italian," Nicki rhymes, whipping up the image of an all-expenses paid vacation for her entourage to Ibiza or Nice or somewhere else amazing. Take us with you! We will blog on command. "Take It to the Head" will show up on Khaled’s Kiss the Ring, which is coming out this summer.

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