Lil B’s ‘I’m Gay’ Album Title, Just a Bad Publicity Stunt?

Strange things can happen when you’re basking in the desert heat for too long, and if you’re Lil B, that might mean announcing an ill-conceived title for your next album. During his set at Coachella this weekend, the Based God told the crowd that he wanted to do the “most controversial thing in hip-hop” by naming his upcoming album I’m Gay. Rightly so, as creating controversy might be the only function this title serves.

It’s important to note that The Pack rapper, who has built a solid and devoted fan base with his viral videos hits, has a history of spitting out outrageous(ly stupid) words and lyrics (as evidenced in the below tweet) just to grab attention.


Sure, the new album title could theoretically be the force that ushers in a new era of change in the world of hip-hop, breaking down barriers, etc etc, but in reality it seems like the Bay Area rapper is simply trying to score some publicity for the new album. (Besides his bid for controversy, Lil B says he’s also hoping to communicate that “words don’t mean shit.”)

Of course, immediately following the initial announcement, he clarified that he’s only attracted to women and that “gay” also means “happy,” therefore he’s just a happy rapper. If indeed “words don’t mean shit,” maybe Lil B should’ve skipped the explanation part and just let the title be what it is?

But hey, if attention was what he wanted, attention’s what he got.

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