Let Lady Gaga, Bill Hader, & Jorma Taccone Entertain You for 20 Seconds

Videos like this one of famous people acting silly are why the internet was born. For 20 seconds, it’s enough to make you forget that you have an apartment that smells like cat piss, a gym membership you don’t use, a shitty salary, cavities, no purpose in life, parents who are ashamed of what you do for a living, very few actual friends, zero creativity, no admirers, bad hair texture, poor hand-eye coordination, jumbled priorities, a porn addiction, a cheese addiction, smelly feet, a lack of ambition, no real-world skills, a broken iPhone screen, no interest in current events, a computer virus, a weakness for desserts, no empathy, a total lack of grace, an uncomfortable mattress, a complete unwillingness to read books, a face that isn’t Zac Efron’s, a sub-par wardrobe, and no good reason to wake up in the morning other than checking Twitter. Anyway, enjoy!

Video above!

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