LCD’s James Murphy & Sam Lipsyte Reminisce @ Joe’s Pub

James Murphy met Sam Lipsyte when the celebrated novelist went by the name Sam Shit, and Murphy was the sound engineer for his band Dung Beetle. Last night, the two old friends took the stage at Joe’s Pub for a free-form discussion which revealed, among other things, that in the LCD Soundsystem song “New York I Love You,” Murphy consciously made the decision to tweak his voice to sound like the perennially downtrodden Kermit the Frog. This is awesome because it brings new dimension to this independently inspired video (in which Murphy appears). A few more choice details from the evening’s chat after the jump.

● Murphy is working on a song called “Put a Baby in That.” So far, all he has is the title — but he has grand plans for it, including choreographing an accompanying dance. He also thinks the title will make a good catchphrase, as in “I wanna put a baby in that.” ● If you’re an unknown band looking to fill a room, Sam Lipsyte recommends taking a famous person’s name and adding “The” to it. He knows it works because he used to play in a band called The Lenny Kravitz. ● James Murphy’s first three bands were called The Extremes, Mystery Meat, and Great. The last one was named so they could go on stage and say “Hi, we’re Great.” ● Sam Lipsyte watches a lot of television, and wishes he were a television writer. ● James Murphy doesn’t like to listen to himself sing, and if you count his phone, he has a total of three iPods. ● Murphy’s computer wallpaper is a picture of his dog Petunia. Also, Petunia sometimes wears sweaters, and they are “sassy.”

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