Lana Del Rey + Marilyn Manson + Eli Roth = Major Controversy

Eli Roth’s leaked Marilyn Manson video features some explicit scenes depicting a warped dinner party, a woman drowning in water and blood, some dancing character wearing a Ladyfag getup, a birthday dinner with balloons that have “Rape” written on them, and a praying mantis, you know, just feeding itself with a ladybug.

But what does it mean? Initially, online viewers were led to believe this was a setup for Marilyn Manson’s latest music video, as his latest album titled The Pale Emperor is set for a release soon. According to Marilyn Manson’s team, this video isn’t even going to be a music video. The video has been on the shelf for almost two years.

So why now? Eli Roth recently spoke with Larry King regarding the footage as viewers aren’t sure whether it glamorizes or indeed depicts the horror of such atrocities.

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