Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Video Features Alexander McQueen’s Lobster Claws

Woe! Beyoncé’s music video for the remixed version of “Video Phone” — featuring Lady Gaga — has been indefinitely delayed. But today offers some solace. Lady Gaga, who’s been having something of a banner year, has decided to placate us by offering up her sharp video for “Bad Romance.” This is the first single to be lifted off her one-and-a-halfth record. The aesthetic is simple and deliciously gaudy. Imagine a spartan bathhouse. Imagine Anakin Skywalker stumbling into that spartan bathhouse and coming toe-to-toe with an android queen. Toss in some slick choreography, wild costume changes, and a middle 8 that finds Gaga babbling about “fashion” as she struts around in a pair of Alexander McQueen’s infamous lobster claw heels. What you essentially have then is a supplement to the original Star Wars canon far more welcome than any of those unfortunate prequels. Watch “Bad Romance” after the break.

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