Lady Gaga’s Ass Or Cheek: You Decide!

There’s been so much “Before She Was Famous” mythologizing of Lady Gaga’s career, that we probably know more about her Lower East Side hustle than we do her current arena-trotting persona. The latest publication to document the birth of Gaga is Esquire, who just released a memoir-ish piece written by her former DJ Brendan Sullivan. In it, he hits all the familiar pre-fame Gaga beats: She’s obsessed by fame, she always knew she’d be famous, she lived in a bare LES apartment. But what comes with is a neat little slide show of Gaga on the brink, including one of her now ubiquitous backside. Sullivan explains the photo as Gaga trying to figure out the difference between showing “ass” and showing “cheek.” It’s a distinction we’ve yet to ponder, but that’s why she’s a pop star, and we’re, well, us. So what is it, people? Ass or cheek? After the jump, you be the judge of a gallery of Lady Gaga’s most perplexing posterior conundrums, because we’re pleading the fifth.

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