Ke$ha Feels Bad for Becoming More Culturally Relevant Than Susan Boyle

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Before Ke$ha becomes too smug about her sales victories in the U.S., she’d probably do well to ask herself the question that all trendy pop stars are asking themselves lately: Am I doing anything for Haiti? Because SuBo sure is. In fact she’s doing it with Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Mika and almost anyone else who may have notched a Top 13 single in the UK in the last eight months. The entire thing is even being overseen by Simon Cowell. And after a many-week reign as Billboard queen, SuBo is ready to move onto greener pastures. And what’s Ke$ha doing? Oh, right!

(‘DiggThis’)This makes Ke$ha’s apologies for dethroning Our Queen of Hope a little sanctimonious. The unexpected popstrel blah blah blahs to The Sun, “I feel kind of bad, but Susan had six weeks at number one. That’s a really long time.” For contrast, Ke$ha only enjoyed the top spot for a single week before being toppled by Vampire Weekend’s Contra.

Of course all this emotional baggage now puts her in a unique place: To shift genres entirely, unexpectedly, and slap together a country album.