Katy Perry Goes for an On-the-Nose Approach in “Rise”

Katy Perry has released a new music video, for her single “Rise,” which she performed at the DNC last week and is being used for Olympics promos: essentially, the poster child for music we didn’t really want to listen to but which will inevitably be cemented in our minds thanks to, you guessed it, capitalism.

In her video, Perry takes a certain on-the-nose approach that only pop stars really seem to have the artistic taste to carry out: in a song about “rising up” where some of the repeating lyrics are

When you think the final nail is in,

Think again.

Don’t be surprised –

I will still rise.

Perry centers her visual approach around dragging a giant parachute through a canyon and muck until, finally, she does what no one could have possibly guessed: rises up into the air and flies away to her happily ever after!

The video is directed by Paul Gore. Get used to the song, as it will be all over your living room starting tonight at 7:30 PM EST with the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

Check it out below.

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