Kanye West Replaces Murakami with KAWS

If you frequent Kanye West’s blog, which I can proudly and defiantly say I do, you’ll know that he’s perched on the cutting edge of everything design-oriented. Houses, skirts, cars, bookshelves, commercials — you name it, if it’s at all forward-thinking, then Kanye’s got a handle on it. The guy knows art and design, and to prove it once more, has commissioned Brooklyn artist and toy designer KAWS to decorate his new record 808’s and Heartbreak. This comes after West introduced many Westerners to pop artist extraordinaire Takashi Murakami with the artwork from his previous album.

The new disc already has official cover art, the deflated balloon-heart seen plastered on plywood everywhere, and this alternate cover, which unmistakably belongs to KAWS. But now West has announced that KAWS will be doing extra art for the iTunes version of the disc, plus special Christmas packaging. The new art is previewed on his blog.

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