Justice & Yelle Prove the French Do It Better

A few years back, it was penguins who ruled the documentary roost. Then came docs about Iraq. I predict the next trend in nonfiction filmmaking will have something to do with the economy, but until then, following French electro acts on tour looks like the subject matter du jour. Watching the trailer for the new Justice tour DVD A Cross the Universe made me giddy with jealousy as well as forcing an unwelcome life-path reconsideration. The doc was shot by So Me (the man responsible for Justice’s brilliant “DVNO” video), while the Ed Banger boys toured their breakthrough album . Another documentary, C’est L’Amerique, featuring BlackBook favorite Yelle, is also in production; this one’s by Yoann Lemoine, who, beginning ten days ago, is following the French singer around the US and Iceland (and also shot her newest video for “Ce Jeu.” Combined, the teasers show that the French are effortlessly cooler than we are, and they probably have more fun in this country than we do. Because when it’s all said and done, they get to leave. Videos after the jump.


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