Jonquil Will Show You Love

Today while taking a gander at the office’s freebies dumping ground—you know, that section in your office where people leave little gifts (read: things no one wants) for others to enjoy—I stumbled upon some gold. I’ll say it again: GOLD! Jonquil, a band whose name I had heard mentioned on the Hott Traxxx & Throwbacks podcast, lured me with the track “It Never Rains” and made it necessary for me to give the entire album a full listen. Thankfully for my ears (and trust me your ears will thank me too), this album is now a shiny hunk of a gem on my playlist.

Jonquil’s album Point of Go, which was released this past March on Dovecote Records, is the perfect spring-to-summer transition album. On “This Innocent,” singer Hugo Manuel forces us to go back to innocent young love, a time before things had to go and get all complicated with feelings and emotions and what does this all really mean?! A time when love was just that: love. Sigh, I am crying all over again.

I do, however, deem the best possible way to really enjoy this album is if you happen to find yourself on a boat, sailing down the Hudson River at sunset (OBVIOUSLY). Throw on these jams and cozy up right next to Lady Liberty herself, because she’s the only one that will ever really love you anyway.

Take a look at the video for "Run" below:

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