Jeff Zucker To Be Ousted From NBC

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Jeff Zucker, the maniacal mastermind behind the downfall of NBC and the instigator of the Late Night Wars that devastated the TV landscape earlier this year, is reportedly being ousted from his position at NBC. According to a report by The Post, sources close to the situation have revealed that Zucker will step down a few months after Comcast acquires the beleaguered network from General Electric. The Comcast deal is expected to close in early 2011, after which Zucker will walk away with an exit package worth $30 to $40 million. Zucker has been CEO since 2007—he oversaw a profit decrease of 28 percent between 2008 and 2009—and he had just had his contract extended until 2013.

General Electric is denying news of Zucker’s impending removal. But The Post’s sources have nevertheless revealed that the troubled CEO has told friends that a deal has been finalized. Comcast COO Steve Burke seems to be the likely replacement for Zucker.

Zucker hasn’t announced any next moves yet—and, again, is officially denying the reports— but it looks like he has a career in politics in mind. Maybe Obama can put Zucker in charge of the BP Gulf oil spill…you know, he does have experience managing unmitigated disasters.