Jay-Z Previewed ‘Watch The Throne’ at the Mercer Hotel Last Night

For a minute, people seemed to believe that Watch The Throne would actually drop over the Fourth of July weekend, as rumored, but that didn’t materialize since the album’s tracklist hasn’t been finalized yet. But last night, Jay-Z hosted an intimate listening session for the collaborative LP at The Mercer hotel on Thursday (sans Kanye West) and while we weren’t in attendance, we gathered a few details on what went down in Suite 208.

Jay made his way directly from the Yanks game to the Mercer, where he previewed eleven tracks off of the upcoming album to a small group of journalists and two teenage fans who got lucky in a contest.

Things we gathered about the listening session:

● Guests were served cheese and crackers along with Ace of Spades champagne. ● Roc Nation pens and notepads were handed out to encourage note-taking, while live-tweeting was banned. ● A rep from Fader live-tweeted the event anyway, and was ejected from the listening session. (A Twitter apology followed). ● Jay-Z revealed that he’d completed two songs for his next solo album, one of which features Frank Ocean.

Things we learned about Watch The Throne:

● The tracklist has not been finalized, and during the three-hour session, Jay-Z encouraged attendees to discuss the tracks and provide feedback. ● There have been three iterations of the album since he and his Little Brother began recording. ● Jay and Kanye recorded the album in Paris, Los Angeles, Australia, England and definitely at the Tribeca Grand in New York. ● Odd Future’s Frank Ocean recorded two songs for the album, one of which will be included in the final cut. ● Beyonce is the only other feature on the album besides Frank Ocean. ● Previous singles/leaks “H.A.M” and “That’s My Bitch” were not included in the eleven songs. ● Jay-Z admitted that arguments did happen during the recording process.

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