Janelle Monáe Joins Grimes in Atlanta to Perform Their Pixie-Pop Banger ‘Venus Fly’

Photo via Instagram

Embedded in Grimes’ stunning pixie-pop LP Art Angels is “Venus Fly,” a thrashing late-night banger the 27-year-old singer invited Janelle Monáe to lend her hyper post-James Brown vocals onto. Armed with a enough energy to activate a small city, the unlikely collaboration features Monáe aggressively spitting the question, “Why you lookin’ at me?” over Grimes’ powerhouse production—a sinister effort evocative of the 2014 Blood Diamond release, “Go.”

During Grimes’ Atlanta show at the Buckhead Theatre earlier this week, “Venus Fly” came to life, blasting off as surprise guest Monáe stormed the stage to deliver, as one would expect, a standout performance. “Kitty, kitty, kitty cat, why you always talkin’ smack?” the dance android probes, flailing her limbs in a sea of technicolor strobe lights. Watch the two rev up Atlanta, below:


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