Jamie Lidell Returns With More Electro-Funk, Underscores

Back in November, we heard the first single off Nashville-by-way-of-England electro-soul weirdo (and former Target commercial mainstay) Jamie Lidell’s upcoming self-titled album, his first with Warp Records. This week, he follows up with the big beats of "What A Shame" with a swampy, almost Tom Waits-ish number, "why_ya_why." The beat galumphs, the brass blares, Lidell wails and it all seems to come together. 

The last third or so, which is mostly synths and such, feels a bit tacked-on, but the rest of it is a treat, especially the trumpet solo in the middle. Check out the video below, which will be especially advantageous to you if you have 3D glasses. Because everyone has 3D glasses just lying around these days, no? 

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