Style Like A$AP Rocky and Moves Like Usher: Meet Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore photographed for BlackBook by Justin Bridges

He may have a Disney teen star past, but eighteen-year-old artist Jacob Latimore has grown into a full-blown Hip-Hop phenom (Drake, sound familiar?). His beats are clean and catchy without sacrificing the swagger, in part thanks to collaborations with the likes of T-Pain. (We’ll mention his Justin Bieber friendship without comment). And it’s not just the music world he’s slaying; he’s got acting chops too. His next role will be his biggest: starring in The Maze Runner next month…a film that promises to crash down on us with Hunger Games-like pop culture weight. With moves like Usher and style like A$AP, our recent photo shoot pretty much proves that for Latimore, the world is his oyster.

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Photos by Justin Bridges for BlackBook

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