Is Beyoncé Faking Her Pregnancy?

Beyoncé recently appeared on an Australian television show to discuss her pregnancy, but her belly moved in mysterious ways.

The rumors have been spreading since Beyoncé announced her pregnancy live after her performance of “Love on Top” at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. While it certainly was stunt-like, most people were just happy for Bey and her husband Jay-Z, if only because they seem like a pretty sweet couple whose progeny is likely to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

But while appearing on Sunday Night HD last night, on which she announced that she’s due to give birth in February, the singer’s stomach seemed to fold in on itself as she sat down in her chair. Take a look for yourself in the video below:

That poor possibly fake fetus! That looks painful! Of course the rumor mill continued to churn, this time suggesting that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have hired a surrogate to carry their child. It’s certainly possible, but it’s also possible that the dress is oddly stiff? But for those of us who were worried that Beyoncé would take a long hiatus from touring following the birth of her child, perhaps this surrogate business is real and would allow her to hit the road soon. She does love her fans, after all.

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