In Case You Missed It: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With Chairlift

To come: trend piece about Brooklyn indie-rock bands embracing "choose-your-own-adventure" in their supplementary activities. Or not. Definitely not. That would be a terrible trend piece. But not too long after Vivian Girls’ choose-your-own text-based computer game nostalgia-fun extravaganza, Chairlift have released a choose-your-own-adventure music video for their new single, "Met Before," directed by Jordan Fish (who has previously worked on videos for MGMT, Das Racist and more).

In the video, it’s up to the intrepid viewer to choose which romantic fixation and aspect of multiverse theory Ph.D. student Caroline Polachek pursues. We won’t ruin the fun, we will tell you but there is one path that involves beekeeping, suits and all. Also, there’s some adorable air guitar and drumming at the beginning. And the song kind of rules too. 

Watch and let the minor afternoon diversion fun begin. (h/t Stereogum

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