Ida Maria Freaks Out, Probably Regrets Perez Hilton Tour

In every emerging pop star’s life, there comes a time when, in the desperate pursuit of success, she aggressively roars forward with every gig, every opportunity, to make her name household. Discretion gets thrown to the wind and reality doesn’t sink in until she taps her finger on the mic just moments before asking, “Is this thing on?” And then she sees the venue filled not to even an eighth of its total capacity and suffers from cardiac arrest. For Ida Maria, such a moment was signing on as part of blogging Teletubby Perez Hilton’s “Perez Hilton Presents 2009” tour. Apparently she got up on stage at Boston’s House of Blues, freaked out and ran off-stage. We could blame it on the alcohol, blame it on the music, or blame it on the swine.

Let’s go with option C, the swine. Because charging $30 a head to see a parade of talented, but still basically unknown-in-America acts might be too steep a ticket price. Though the swine recently pointed a hoof at the alcohol. But he always does that. An anecdote from another concert-goer provided a thorough, pretty neutral recap, adding that after Maria’s abrupt exit from the stage, a projection screen showcased an ill-timed music video by Kanye West, also met with jeers. This was quickly replaced by videos by Taylor Swift, Madonna, and Janet Jackson.

Other fans were not as forgiving, though. One writes in:

Ida Maria has accomplished three things: she’s successfully established herself as a mentally unstable (see: last night’s Boston show of the Perez Hilton tour) alcoholic (see: the Washington DC Perez Hilton Tour show), somehow cleared Customs to gain entry to U.S. soil, and made it apparent that she’s as bratty as they come.

But all in all, she’s just a driven pop singer who got the shit, Perez Hilton-wielding end of the stick and deserves a second stab at Stateside success. So let’s have a look at her gaffe, followed by one of her more upstanding moments.

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