How to Spend an Entire July 4 Listening to ‘America’ Songs Without Going Crazy


Yeah, yeah, you’ve seen this movie before: the thematically-curated, ultimate Fourth of July playlist. But we like to think ours is so much more than that. We’ve culled through the American songbook to present with you as many tracks that have “America” or “USA” in the title, and we’re happy to say that none of our findings have “I had a BBQ stain on my white T-shirt” in the lyrics. We’ve got LCD Soundsystem, a little bit of Eminem, noir goddess Lana Del Rey, and the occasional indie artist. We added an All-American Rejects track simply because their band name shows an undying love of country. Special mention to Miley “Destiny Hope” Cyrus for coming in strong with two America-themed songs, and to Jay Z for penning an album aptly titled American Gangster. ‘Cue up the grills, grab a piece of watermelon, and enjoy this thematic Fourth of July playlist that won’t make your ears bleed.

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