Honeyblood’s Hummable ‘Bud’ Is A Must-Listen

For further proof that you’d never survive life in Scotland, look no further than the blistering tunefulness of Honeyblood’s “Bud,” the A-side from a debut 7” by Glasgow’s hottest new duo. With the garagey thump of Shona McViccar’s drums and Stina Tweeddale’s raw guitar and silver vocals—like FatCat labelmates Frightened Rabbit, they lack a bass, but you won’t mind—is it any wonder they were signed on the basis of a two-track demo they recorded with one mic in a kitchen?  

Their name says it all, really: a sickly-sweet and sometimes sludgy flow underpins a rich, noisy jangle for songs that bite you while you’re busy swooning. We’re already salivating at the prospect of “Kissing on You,” the apparently addictive and “lo-fi punky” B-side to “Bud,” out on October 22, but for now enjoy the surprisingly heavy single and the no-frills charm of the Thrift Shop release—easily the best (or only) 4-track production you’ll hear this month.


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