Hi-Five: Ásgeir Covers Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball,’ Rihanna Gets a Remix + More

Image: Flight Facilities.

Belanger x Rihanna – Calico Na Na

I will never tire of this song, and great mash-ups like this will make sure of it. Belanger pairs his latest single Calico with Rihanna and Drake’s hit “What’s My Name?” for an adrenalin-filled track, perfect for powering through the work day or hitting the gym.

Ásgeir – Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus Cover) 

Despite a great deal of fame in his native country, Icelandic artist Ásgeir is only now gaining international recognition, due partly to the success of this cover. The singer-songwriter creates a soft, heartfelt interpretation to the anthem, which challenges Cyrus’ powerhouse voice with simplicity.

Tinashe – 2 On (Ft. Schoolboy Q)

For those of you who are fans of Ciara or Cassie (and particularly Cassie’s infamous video for Me and You) 21-year-old Tinashe is a guaranteed new favorite. She can do more than sing and dance; the fresh face had a reoccurring role on Two and a Half Men.

Flight Facilities – Stand Still (Ft. Micky Green)

Australian DJ duo Flight Facilities team up with Sydney-born but Paris-based Micky Green. The sweet whistling summons anticipation for summer and couples well with the 80s Hip-Hop inspired drums and base.


Gold Spectacles – Steal You Away

Speedy, Spanish-style guitar playing laid over an upbeat base riff and distinguishing percussion creates this gem within the “Baroque Pop” genre, classified as a blend of pop rock and classical music. Charming lyrics and harmonies add to the song’s already endearing sentiment.

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