Hi-Five: Kid Ink Feat. Usher and Tinashe + More

Rome Fortunte – FriendsMaybe (Feat. ILOVEMAKONNEN)

This track is full of crafty and lighthearted rhymes with vocals bouncing up and down between different octaves. I wouldn’t call the vocal tonation anything to gawk over, but it all works in a sort of Biz Markie “Just A Friend” way.

Crooked Colours – Capricious

I’ve featured Perth’s Crooked Colours a couple of times now, but am ready to officially cement them in place as one of my favorites with the release of “Capricious.” The evocative and troubling song makes me feel a surfeit of desires that rarely come in tandem, such as wanting to dance but also being a tad bit fearful for my life.

Kid Ink – Body Language (Feat. Usher and Tinashe)

I feel that I should give warning that this radio-ready collaboration amongst Kid Ink, the legendary Usher, and the new Ciara/Cassie Tinashe might get stuck deep in your head. The three have a great synergy; although, I’m 99% sure they recorded this in separate studios in different cities. C’est la vie in mainstream music these days.

Jon Bellion – Munny Right

When I heard the beginning of Job Bellion’s “Munny Right,” I thought to myself, “Okay, another overly-cinematic track about getting rich, showing up the haters, etc.” Even with the top-notch synth layering and choral background, it took me a moment to realize the Bellion is completely in his own league. The story is heartfelt and intimate, nearly uncomfortable at certain points, such as when he speaks his mind about other artists, saying “Pause button on the weak shit, you sound like everybody else, motherfucker.” The track serves both as the mega-talented singer’s vocal playground and vessel for personal remediation.

.JONES. – Deep

The 80’s meet 2014 in London-based artist .JONES.’s “Deep.” The singer has an extraordinary team backing her, including producer Rodaigh McDonald (The XX, How to Dress Well), as well as a knack for the characteristically 80s style of pop that straddles the space between fun and melancholy.

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