Hi-Five: Ariana Grande x Iggy Azalea + More

Ariana Grande – Problem (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

Truth be told, I know next to nothing about Ariana Grande. I’m aware that she is a teen queen and sounds strikingly similar to Mariah Carey, but that’s about it. Regardless, I can’t help but like this track and buy into what Nickelodeon is selling me.

Jaymay – Over My Head

Jaymay is possibly one of the most under-appreciated folk artist’s today. She has been putting out solid music for years, without garnering the traction she deserves. Take a listen to her latest, as well as her 2007 debut album Autumn Fallin

Phoria – Emanate

Phoria is a new discovery for me, and a fantastic one at that. Their spacey and experimental sound is organic at first, using hand percussion alongside gentle vocals, but eventually gets a synthetic touch for a climactic conclusion.

Naughty Boy – Home (Feat. ROMANS)

Naughty Boy became massive in the UK last year after reaching #1 on the charts with his track, “La La La,” featuring Sam Smith. Now, the producer is back with a wonderfully buzz worthy track featuring ROMANS, whose voice is outstanding and perfect for “Home.”

Sasha Keable – Living Without You

“Living Without You” has a beat that is reminiscent of both Solange’s “Losing You” and Sky Ferreira’s “Everything is Embarrassing,” both of which were produced by Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange). Keable blends old school vibes with 80s synths in this break-up anthem.

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