Hear Frank Ocean Sing the Po-Mo Blues on ‘White’

Teenage wastelanders Odd Future are set to release a new album next week called Odd Future Tape Vol. 2, featuring contributions from the entire Wolf Gang. A few days ahead of schedule, one of those cuts has leaked out: Frank Ocean’s "White," a sparse ballad in which the singer explores the really big questions. "Could this be Earth? Could this be light?" Ocean asks in his strong quiver. "Does this mean everything’s going to be alright?" So yes, he’s still singing the same type of self-aware emotional blues that brought him to attention on last year’s Nostalgia, Ultra. Listen to it after the click, via Prefix.

There’s a lyric about "all my white friends," but let’s wait a little while to touch that. In other Odd Future news, ringleader Tyler the Creator is getting pranked in an upcoming episode of the new Punk’d series. Isn’t it charming, the way he tries to run away after potentially killing someone? Look out for the full appearance in a little bit.

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