Harpsy Songstress Joanna Newsom Pushes Push-Up Bras

imageOh, the extracurricular exploits of a Pitchfork-friendly harpist! Sure, when she set out to tip the music world on its ear with her not-guitar, Joanna Newsom had no idea that along the way, she’d end up licensing “Sprout and The Bean” to Victoria’s Secret for their Dream Angels push-up bra campaign. Then again, she’s hardly lingering in the unmentionables section alone. Why she’s in good company with Lykke Li and Bob Dylan. Even reigning DIY queen M.I.A. hawked Honda Civics by way of lending “Galang” to the Japanese manufacturer. Sure, I could go on about the narrowing gap between “real” musicians and someone like Christina Aguilera who licenses her entire being away to Target and what their similarities could mean about the State of Independent Music as we know it. But that’s too drab! Not so drab is watching Miranda Kerr frolicking through an enchanted forest, demonstrating the many uses of the new Dream Angels push-up bra while Newsom plucks away in the background. Enjoy, after the jump.

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