Guest DJ: Riley Hawk Gives Us His Top Skate Tunes

Photo courtesy of Riley Hawk

When your dad is Tony Hawk, the world is basically your playground. The children of successful athletes in general have a wide range of life paths to choose from, including sitting around playing video games based off of their parents and waiting for inheritance money, starting off a totally unique career unrelated to your family’s legacy, or following in your parent’s footsteps.

Riley Hawk has chosen the last of these options in order to pursue his passion for skateboarding, an arena in which he has already made a name for himself as separate from his father’s as the industry would allow him. On top of that, the kid is also dipping his toes into music, indulging in a recreational garage band that has him jumping from drums to guitar. As perhaps one of the most legit representations of where music and skate culture meet, we asked Riley to come up with some of his favorite songs to skate to.

He also wanted to add that songs 1-10 on Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction are pretty stellar. Check out his playlist below.

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