Guest DJ: Nathaniel Hoho and Bridget Malcolm Share Their 21 Favorite Songs

Nathaniel Hoho and Bridget Malcolm share an exclusive playlist of favorite songs, including Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, David Bowie, and more.

Over the last few decades, Brooklyn has developed a proprietary brand of indie rock that reliantly pervades the internet, garners hordes of die-hard groupies, and marks its partial dominance over New York’s downtown music scene. An issue has arisen wherein, in this humble writer’s opinion, a great deal of the noise feels undistinguishable, with numerous bands toying with the same musical idols, sonic aesthetics, and even lyrical content as the others. This unintentional, likely controversial grouping of the Brooklyn indie rock niche is marked with a silver lining, meaning anomalies like five piece band Walking Shapes, whose gentler, more melodically-intricate take on the sound sets their music apart from their “peers,” if that word even applies. For a better understand, take a listen to the recently released deluxe edition of Taka Come On.

Lead singer and guitarist Nathaniel Hoho, who works with the other four bandmates out of a sort of artist compound in a house on Brooklyn’s Kingsland avenue, will soon be marrying Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm. Talk about the ideal musician/muse combination. To celebrate the forthcoming wedding, as well as hone in on the musically-inclined duo’s exquisite taste, we asked the lovebirds to put together a playlist of their favorite songs for BlackBook. About the compilation, Hoho says:

“These are some of songs that have been playing on our Spotify for the past year, kind of nonstop. We share an account and make playlists, it’s a perfect way to share music with each other! The first track on this playlist will be our wedding song. Bridget is a walking Fleetwood Mac encyclopedia and it’s the first thing song we ever listened to together, while being driven around the Dominican Republic on a Walking Shapes video shoot.”

More on Walking Shapes here.

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