Guest DJ: Gosh Pith Share Their Playlist of Favorites

Photo Credit: Matthew Franklin

It’s 2015, and the term “genre-bending” is becoming more and more obsolete. While this likely has to do with my sources, I rarely stumble upon artists who are easily categorized into a single box. That said, there are still acts who push the crumbling boundaries further than others, such as Detroit-based duo Gosh Pith.

Songwriters Josh Freed and Josh Smith met as children, only to reconnect ten years later and create their own brand of intoxicatingly psychedelic Cosmic Trap, blending lo-fi acoustics with underground Hip-Hop tones into a unified body of work. With such eclectic taste, we were dying to learn what the guys like to listen to in their spare time.

Check out Gosh Pith’s track “Window” below, as well as their custom playlist for BlackBook.

1. Slum Village is one of our most formative inspirations. J. Dilla beats with effortless rhyme patterns, they were so raw and smart, they gave us hope. We have remade and covered this song every year or so for the last half decade for fun.

2. Peter Green showed how to be subtle and still put so much emotion into takes. He viewed the world in a unique way, it got us into making bluesy structures and raw melodies. His playing made BB King cry…

3. This first track from JQ paved the way for weird pop bangers. We like to fuse together elements that people generally don’t put together. People think it’s weird because we are from Detroit and we listen to Enya and UGK, or Delroy Wilson and XXYYXX together. We liked how JQ combined this “My Bloody Valentine” Cover with trap kits with chopped and screwed vocals.

4. A simple love song that cuts so deep, love songs never get old. Our beta male fish “Nigel” really loved this song a lot, we cried and played this when we buried him in my parents backyard.

5. What experimental pop should be – sweet but not sugary, referential but super original, weird but far from alienating. We’ve both been huge fans of Junior Boys since before we met – and we later found out that the same person put us both on to them.

6. We love these dudes, their raw emotion and energy is insane and pretty inspirational to us – especially Slim Jimmy’s verse on this track!

7. A big muse of ours – every song on her debut album is perfect and she’s sweet and sexy to boot. We’ve been (loosely) covering this song live.

8. La Flame’s SoundCloud gets heavy play at Pith HQ. He’s easily the most interesting dude in hip hop right now. Rich Homie is dope too, just watched a great interview with him and he seems like a real sweetheart!

9. Perfect little pop songs – and most of them have that awesome dualism of really sad lyrics with a really happy melody. We love that shit. We’ve probably logged thousands of hours listening to Delroy.

10. We rode around Detroit smokin & bumpin this with the windows down pretty much every day last summer.

11. Besides the Future album, we spent the rest of last summer – literally all day every day – vibing to drum-machine based dancehall from the early nineties.

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