Guessing the Song Titles on Taylor Swift’s New Album

Taylor Swift is making headlines this week. Yesterday she bought a house, like, next-door to her boyfriend of a few weeks, which is definitely sensible. And this morning she announced her upcoming album, Red, which comes out in October. She also released the first single, titled "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which she confirmed was based on a real relationship. While everyone’s busy trying to figure out what famous dude it could be about, I’m more interested in knowing what other song titles she’s pulling out of her bonnet to go along with the new single and the only other confirmed song on the album, "Red." Let’s come up with the tracklisting, shall we?

  1. "Red"
  2. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
  3. "I Kinda Miss You Sometimes"
  4. "Blue (So So Blue)"
  5. "I’m So Excited (and Surprised About It)"
  6. "I Hated Your Movie"
  7. "You Make Me Say Ew"
  8. "Sister, Sister"
  9. "Starstruck By Your Love"
  10. "I Sober-Dialed You (Because I’m Underage)"
  11. "I Was Thinking About How Much I Don’t Like You This Morning While Putting Conditioner In My Hair"
  12. "Blue Jeans Baby"
  13. "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen cover)
  14. "Green (With Envy)"
  15. "This One Is Obviously About Jake Gyllenhaal"
  16. "Conor, If You Fuck This Up For Me I Will Make Your Life a Living Hell, I Don’t Care If Your Last Name Is Kennedy"
  17. "Princesses Get What They Want (And If They Don’t, They Write Songs About It)"

You’re welcome, Tay-tay.

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