Gucci Mane Has A Good Reason For Ice Cream Facial Tattoo

Gucci Mane has outdone himself this time. In the off chance that the ATL rapper was having trouble proving to a judge that he is, in fact, certifiably insane, Mr. La Flare decided to make one bold move that would make it permanently clear. A triple scoop of ice cream with the tagline “Brrr” tattooed across his right cheek.

To further fuel the natural “what the fuck” reaction next time you happen across this photo, please take a minute to read Gucci’s reasoning behind this facial work. His spokesperson Kali Bowyer gave Rolling Stone the, er, scoop on his new ice cream art work, explaining that it is “a reminder to fans of how he chooses to live his life. Cool as ice.” You know, “As in, ‘I’m so icy, I’ll make ya say Brr.” Right. She also added that the ice cream cone appears on one of Gucci’s favorite necklaces, which he’s owned for some time now, and can be found in numerous photos floating around the net. A great follow-up question here would be: Is Gucci aware that necklaces are removable accessories, while facial tattoos of a staple childhood treat just look stupid?

Gucci’s new tattoo is courtesy of artist Shane Willoughby, at Atlanta’s Tenth Street Tattoo shop.

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