Premiere: Hear Golden Coast’s Synthy New Track ‘Who We Are’

From the larger-than-life feeling to the sunny disposition that just makes you want to party, everything about Golden Coast is quintessentially California—and all of which you get just from pressing play.

The Los Angeles-based duo are on track to be the next great electro-pop act to break into the mainstream, and with their new track “Who We Are, it isn’t difficult to see why. While members Denny White and Steven Mudd have been working in the music world for some time now, as a band they are still fairly new to the scene. In fact, they’ve never even actually performed in public as Golden Coast before.

Though they’re still just getting started under their new moniker, they sound like seasoned pop veterans. The hooks in “Who” are dangerous and the chorus is an instant smash, as is pretty much everything they’ve released. Upon first listen, this certainly doesn’t sound like two guys in a small studio somewhere, but something that’s ready for an arena full of fist-pumping fans all singing along.

The synthy goodness that is Golden Coast is the sort of thing indie pop success stories are made of. They remind me quite a bit of Capital Cities, who I assumed were a bit too “out there” for top forty radio, but when “Safe and Sound” made it all the way to the top ten and was nominated for a Grammy, they showed me. I don’t want to be proven wrong twice, so this is my prediction: you’ll be hearing Golden Coast on your radio, you’ll be seeing them on your TV, and they’ll be just about everywhere in no time. Mark my words.

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