Go Dark with Pop. 1280’s First Single Off ‘Imps of Perversion’ ‘Lights Out’

Last winter, I become obsessed with the horrifically pleasureful sounds of Brooklyn foursome Pop. 1280. The only proper way I like to describe them is to say that they sound like your fantasy imaginary opening act for Nick Cave a la Wings of Desire. Their debut album The Horror conjured up dark and rough images of late 1980s Berlin basement nightclubs and trance-inducing songs that vacillate between making you want to lower your head and drag feet angerly across a dance floor to those that make you want to thrash in a crowd and possibly break a limb. Needless to say, they’re great.

And now, they’ve debuted the first single "Lights Out" off their upcoming album Imps of Perversion. Bizarrely delicious and painfully sinister, their new song feels like a welcome follow up to their haunting world that feesl like faded flickering neon lights reflecting down a long darkened alley after a gruesome fight—if you will. Enjoy below.

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