Go ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ For the Release of The Film’s Haunting Score

Poster via Version Industries

Panos Cosmatos’ science fiction wonder Beyond the Black Rainbow was the perfect summer midnight movie of 2012. Steeped in 1980s neon pleasure and melding references from Kubrick to Carpenter, the surreal and hypnotic film was complimented by its pulsating synth-heavy soundtrack, allowing for total immersion into Cosmatos’ haunting world. And now, British label Death Waltz will be releasing the film’s score, composed by  Jagjaguwar artist Sinoia Caves, on vinyl. Simply listening to one track from the film immediately  transports you right back into the skin-tingling slow creep of BTBR and is something certainly best enjoyed once you’ve blacked the lights. and sprawled out across the floor. So today, you can pre-order the record HERE, which will come with a DVD of film as well, and in the meantime, take a listen to the track “Forever Dilating Eye” below.


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