Ghostface Announces New Album, Releases First Single

Let’s face it, Ghostface Killah’s last proper solo album, 2009’s R&B-focused and ridiculously titled Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City was a disappointment. Luckily, we live in a world of possibilities, where an artist always has a second chance as long as he’s willing to give it another shot. Ghostface is always willing to give it another shot.

Fresh off some tour dates, the Wu-Tang MC recently tweeted that The Apollo Kids, his brand-new record, will be released on Dec. 14. Not much else is known about the album at the moment, but the album’s title is taken from a song from Ghostface’s iconic 2000 record, Supreme Clientele. Color us anticipatory! Plus, first single “Together Baby” sounds pretty great, with its quintessential-Ghostface soul sample and, thankfully, not a cheeseball R&B hook in sight!

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