Fucked Up Releases ‘Turn the Season’ Video

Fucked Up’s David Comes to Life is one of the best albums, hardcore or not, that you’ll hear all year. The punk rock opera has already claimed the #1 spot on Spin’s best-of album list, and it’s sure to rack up more acclaim before 2011 is over. It’s all been a long time coming for the Canadian outfit, who may even be retiring within a few years.

But acclaim is not particularly punk rock. What is, though, is a carefully shot concept music video for "Turn the Season," one of the songs off of David. In the video, the band mulls about a studio while everyone looks unhappy, until the "twist" ending. (Fine: a bunch of stuff explodes.) The video’s right in line with the rest of David‘s high concept, well shot releases, and the whole album is pretty stellar; if you haven’t deafened yourself today, please get to it.

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