See the Strange and Sexy New Video for ‘Miami U R About 2 B Surprised’ From French Style Furs

Sometimes the best music comes out of sessions that weren’t meant to go anywhere, as the creative juices can really flow when expectations are low. And that is exactly what happened with French Style Furs, the new side project of Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of indie mainstay Cold War Kids, along with their friend Nathan Warkentin from fellow LA band We Barbarians. The three friends would get together whenever they were all in New York and just play. They all felt the creative urge to create something different from what they were doing, even if it didn’t begin with a specific end goal in mind.

What did come out of their sessions is the band’s debut full length LP Is Exotic Bait, a completely original, experimental take on indie rock. Throughout the summer, the three have been sharing track after track, showing the world that their talents extend beyond what they’re already known for.

“Miami U R About 2 B Surprised” is the latest excellent cut to be released from Is Exotic Bait, and another reason to start paying attention to the group. The song is low-key and laidback, but not lazy. Affected, in a way, if that didn’t come with a negative connotation. French Style Furs—as their name would suggest—are stylish, and ultra-cool, and they prove it with their songs and their music videos.

Their latest is a Philip Lopez-directed clip featuring women who look like they may have left a couture runway and come straight to the beach for this shoot. Nathan Willett says the video “captures the weird world that the lyrics and music live in perfectly. If David Lynch did a Vogue spread, this would be it.”

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