Exclusive: Rapper Kenan Bell Reinterprets Lily Allen’s ‘The Fear’

Kenan Bell is the freshest face coming from Brooklyn’s +1 Records. Straight out of Long Beach City, Bell is a self-proclaimed gangster rapper who never curses. Knowledge and unity are his modus operandi, and his goal is to make musical hip-hop that motivates. The brainy teacher-turned-rapper has used songs by The Smiths, Duran Duran, and Peter, Bjorn & John, to provide the rivers on which his rhymes flow. His latest track is an interpretation of Lily Allen’s hit song “The Fear,” and it’s streaming exclusively after the jump.

When asked about his treatment of the track, Bell said, “What stood out to me about ‘The Fear’ specifically, was the subject matter. People in a consumer society looking for purchasing trends so they can in turn define themselves. It’s frightening. Her lyrics are poignant and relevant. 

I like her steez. All the girls at our UK show seemingly were influenced by Lily. Plus my boy Milk is trying to holler at her, and figured this would be the best way to reach her.” You can catch Bell in Austin at SXSW playing no less than seven shows, before embarking on a slew of North American dates.

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