Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ Leaks Two Weeks Early

Shadie’s back. Earlier this morning, the entirety of Eminem’s much anticipated Recovery album leaked online. What’s the early verdict? It’s solid. Really solid—and definitely better than Em’s passable but underwhelming Encore and Relapse. On this album, the wordplay is dense, Em’s flow is crazy, and the beats are on point—this might be the comeback I hoped it was going to be. His collaboration with Pink already leaked, but it’s still a track worth paying special attention to. So are the two new collabs, one with Rihanna, ‘Love The Way You Lie,’ and one with Lil’ Wayne called ‘No Love.’ Full track listing and notable videos are after the jump.

Here’s Em’s collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, ‘No Love’:

Here’s the collaboration with Pink, ‘Won’t Back Down’:

And here’s the full Recovery track listing:

1. ‘Cold Wind Blows’ 2. ‘Talkin’ 2 Myself’ feat. Kobe 3. ‘On Fire’ 4. ‘Won’t Back Down’ feat. Pink 5. ‘W.T.P.’ 6. ‘Going Through Changes’ 7. ‘Not Afraid’ 8. ‘Seduction’ 9. ‘No Love’ feat. Lil Wayne 10. ‘Space Bound’ 11. ‘Cinderella Man’ 12. ’25 to Life’ 13. ‘So Bad’ 14. ‘Almost Famous’ 15. ‘Love the Way You Lie’ feat. Rihanna 16. ‘You’re Never Over’ 17. ‘Here We Go’ (Hidden Track)

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