Dr. Ruth to Justin Bieber: Don’t Be Such a Baby About Your Birthday

Oh, I love it so much when celebrities have "beef" over Twitter! Justin Bieber turned 19 years old over the weekend (cue my existential crisis about why I’m writing about teenagers), and he was very pumped to celebrate the event at London’s Cirque du Soir. The next morning, however, fans were shocked to see that Bieber tweeted that his party had gone awry. "Worst birthday," he said simply, without a trace of an emoji. There were a lot of reactions, but none were better than Dr. Ruth’s.

Dr. Ruth, the notest sex therapist and adorably tiny human lady, invoked the memories of her involvement in the 1948 Palestine war, in which she was wounded after an explosion. (Did you know Dr. Ruth was an Israeli sniper? Kind of more impressive than a singer, huh?) On Saturday, Dr. Ruth tweeted:

Oh snap! Of course, Justin Bieber didn’t respond. Does Justin Bieber know who Dr. Ruth is? In my mind, "Baby" is about her, but real life is never as fun as my imagination.

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