Dr. Dre & Eminem’s Bromance Evolves in “I Need a Doctor” Video

Dr. Dre’s personal and musical relationship with Eminem has been long, eventful, and fruitful – and never so emotional as on their latest single and accompanying video for “I Need A Doctor.” Over the past decade, the white boy from Detroit and the former NWA rapper have co-piloted several monster hits, but for the new Detox track, Em entirely sheds the theatrics and crazed lyrics to wax poetic on his feelings for Dre.

Prior to this song, the duo had expressed their affection for each other in much the same way that brothers would — through threatened acts of violence, interspersed with bouts of defending each other. On the 1999 single and video for “Guilty Conscience,” they played the good cop, bad cop routine. They bumped heads, Dre almost strangled Eminem, and then they reconciled.

On “The Real Slim Shady,” Dr. Dre ends up dead and locked in a basement, and on “Forgot About Dre” the two have each other’s backs again. So the cycle has continued, until now. On “I Need A Doctor,” Em thanks Dre for taking a chance on his career, for saving his life, acknowledges his struggle with the death of his son, and begs him to stop doubting himself. A softer side of Shady, for the masses.

Watch Eminem spit his feelings to a comatose Dre:

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