Did a New D’Angelo Song Just Leak?

To make a very long story short, early aughts neo soul genius D’Angelo more or less disappeared from the public eye after his second proper album came out, due in no small part to the way D’Angelo’s sexuality was exploited after the infamous video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” came out. He went into hiding, got a DUI, and hasn’t been heard from in almost eight years. Last January, it’d been ten years since Voodoo came out and changed R & B, and also, more or less the last time we heard from D’Angelo. Until, supposedly, now.

Via OkayPlayer blog 2dopeboyz, on YouTube is what they’re noting as a new, unmastered new D’Angelo track called “1000 Deaths.”

It’s funky, dark, psychedelic, soulful, and has an awesome beat with an incredible bass line to go under it. In other words: it sounds like The Real McCoy, an actual, new D’Angelo song, and an incredible one at that. But how real is it?

Well, the YouTube clip first appeared on an Okayplayer website. And D’Angelo used to be associated with the online community/website — and at one point, label — Okayplayer, and probably still is. Especially seeing as how ?uestlove, who produced Voodoo, (A) is a founding force of of Okayplayer, and (B) has always been rumored to be working with D’Angelo on new material. If this is the new sound of D’Angelo, it sounds like after all these years, he’s up to the same old trick: reinventing neo soul, essentially.

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