Democracy Now!’s Renegade Journalist Amy Goodman’s MLK Recommendations

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Every morning, for as long as I can remember, Amy Goodman’s voice has streamed through the radio, and then the television, as she fearlessly broadcasts, Democracy Now!, The War and Peace Report on 1300 public tv and radio stations around the world. This morning, Goodman, broadcast a long-lost speech by Dr. King. When she was done, she took some time to chat with us about the songs she listens to, and interviews she’s done, that feel particularly relevant today.


1. Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”

*Ferguson October: Activists Call for Nationwide Convergence to Demand Justice for Michael Brown*

2. Nina Simone’s “Why? The King of Love is Dead”

*Black Lives Matter: Ferguson Erupts After Grand Jury Clears Officer in Michael Brown Killing*

3. Michael Franti & Spearhead’s “Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)”

*Was Key Grand Jury Witness in Michael Brown Case a Racist, Mentally Ill, Lying Ex-Felon?*

4. Angelique Kidjo’s “Agolo”

*I Can’t Breathe”: NYC March over Chokehold Death of Eric Garner Protests Police Violence Nationwide*

5. K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag”

*Somali-Canadian Rapper K’naan on Journey from Civil War Refugee to Global Hip-Hop Artist, and the Devastating Effects of US Policy in Somalia*


6. Bruce Springsteen’s “American Skin (41 Shots)”

*Questlove on Police Racial Profiling, Hip-Hop, Michele Bachmann & Soul Train’s Lasting Influence*



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