Death Rattle, ‘Fortress’ EP : The Preview

So it’s funny: when a press release lands in your inbox declaring some band the heir to The Knife, Sleigh Bells, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Portishead, Zola Jesus, Fever Ray, and Nine Inch Nails, you’re going to be skeptical. But also, admit it: your curiosity is piqued by the boldness (if not the long-windedness) of such claims.

Such is the case with Death Rattle, a duo who have one goth-pop EP, HE&I, under their belts. Another, Fortress, is on the way. And you know what? They may not be The Knife, but they’ll certainly do the trick. Check out a YouTube sampler of everything you’ve got coming to you:

Promising, no? If you want to hear a full song, though, check out “The Blows” below. Lot of rhyming in that sentence, sorry. You can download this track for free, by the way.

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