Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard on ‘You Are A Tourist’ Live Video

Later today (at 7pm EST to be exact), Death Cab For Cutie is shooting the video for their latest single, “You Are a Tourist.” Until someone comes forward with legitimate proof otherwise, the video is being billed as the first-ever scripted, single-take music video to be broadcast while filming. Got that? Anyway, Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard revealed to BlackBook that he can’t believe no one’s attempted to do this before.

“It’s funny to be a part of something that’s the ‘first of it all,’ I’m kind of shocked that nobody’s ever thought of doing this before,” Gibbard says. “In what now amounts to about 30 years of music videos, it seems that somebody would’ve, but we’re yet to be shown anybody who has. The idea is courtesy of the band’s friend and director friend, Aaron Stewart. “Its actually an idea Aaron Stewart-Ahn–who’s a film director in his own right–came up with. He directed half of the video for ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ from our last record and he’s filmed a few videos for the Decemberists.”

“He came up with this idea that nobody’s ever done a live music video before. There have been one-take music videos and performances broadcast live but never a one-take music video that’s actually been the video, so we took that idea and rolled with it. Can anything go horribly wrong here? “We hope everything goes according to plan, but at the same time, if something goes wrong, something goes wrong–it’ll just be what it is. And for somebody like me who hates taking photographs and doing video shoots, it’s nice to know that whatever we’re doing is It, and we’re not spending days upon days doing little tiny shots of stuff.”

Watch the stream below at 7pm, or check out

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Death Cab’s new album Codes and Keys is out in May.

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