Daft Punk + Lynchian Madness = The Weirdest Best Dance Party

Daft Punk’s "Get Lucky" is sitting high atop the Summer Jams of 2013 power ranking, with its irresistible bassline and breezy vocals bearing promises of getting lucky, and the release of the album behind it has kept the masked men on everyone’s minds. And with the ubiquity of "Get Lucky" inevitably comes every sort of iteration of YouTube mashup. The best one, though, which we’re not sure how we missed, comes from YouTube user jcs101010, who has skillfully juxtaposed the track with scenes of the works of David Lynch.  

The bulk of the footage comes from the episode of Twin Peaks where The Man From Another Place appears as a red-suited dwarf who tears up the dance floor, which naturally works well with Daft Punk’s Chic-evoking funk. But scenes from Lynch’s other works, including the iconic "bad coffee" moment from Mulholland Drive and plenty of nightmare fuel from Eraserhead also make appearances. It could probably have used more dancing or general movement to really work, but for fans of Twin Peaks and / or Daft Punk, it’s the perfect wonderfully weird dance party for your Friday afternoon. Have a good weekend, everyone! 

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