CMJ Descends Upon NYC, Brings Along Bands With Silly Names

Ah, CMJ. It’s the colloquial term for the College Music Journal‘s annual music marathon, which is spread throughout Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn for a very long weekend in October. What does this mean? Well, there are a ton of extra young kids roaming around the city in tight black jeans and Chuck Taylors, for one, as every college radio enthusiast on the East Coast shells out a couple hundred bucks for a pass that will allow them to watch an up-and-coming band play a 30-minute set in the basement of a bar on Ludlow Street. But don’t forget all of the bands. THE BAAAANDS! What buzzworthy post-math rock / nu-punk-pop outfit will get discovered this week?!

This post will probably not help you find a new favorite music group, but if you’re the kind of person who judges bands solely by their names as one would pick a book according to its cover, you’re in luck! Here is a list of fifteen bands I am purposefully not seeing this weekend because their names sound like the lineup of a college improv festival.

Chateau Marmont 
Dad Rocks!
The Doppelgangaz
Hard Nips
Madison Square Gardeners
Mind the Gap
Moonmen on the Moon 
Man Shark?
Tropical Popsicle
The Twees
What Cheer? Brigade
Wheelchair Sports Camp
Whore Paint
You Say France & I Whistle

Congrats, the Twees, for making it two years in a row!

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